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Everyone agrees that the best strategy for dealing with graffities is quick and effective cleaning. Graffiti Removal Team, has developed a system that addresses many common concerns such as the toxicity of cleaning products, the overall cost of Graffiti Removing Services and efficiency. We have designed products and a strategy for fast and effective removing. Monthly contracts are available for a low fixed cost that provide weekly inspections of your property and removing on the spot of graffities, fly posters and stickers.


Government Graffiti Abatement Program

Graffiti Removal Team is the preeminent expert for graffiti removal. Chosen as the first company to design, develop and implement a major city-wide government graffiti abatement program in Canada. The City of Vancouver hired Graffiti Removal Team to remove all graffiti from the City’s Public Property and maintain it graffiti free with weekly inspections. The logistics planning and coordination was accomplished on time and under budget. City inspectors deemed Graffitti Removal Team to be more than 99% effective. Removal was completed 100% environmentally and worker safe. The statistics speak volumes for the project.


  • City of Vancouver – 114 square km
  • Years of graffiti buildup
  • 85,000 pieces of Public Property to be kept clean
  • 500 km of City routes to be monitored & maintained graffiti free each week


  • Over 26,000 km of city streets traveled an monitored by vehicle, bicycle, rollerblade and walking
  • Over 50,000 sq/ft of graffiti removed – not painted over
  • Tens of thousands of graffiti tags removed
  • Cost: less than $200,000

Graffiti Waste Management

The City of Vancouver has applied the graffiti removal policy for private property requiring clean-up and graffiti waste management within ten days of notice to all commercial garbage containers, whether on public or private property. Any offensive or racist graffiti must be removed within 24 hours of notification. The City of Vancouver’s new garbage container license agreements based on the general principles outlined in the City Councils Policy Report entitled “Garbage Container & Garbage Education and Enforcement Programs”  that a full time Street Use Inspector has been hired to monitor all waste containers for enforcement of graffiti removal from garbage containers.

A reduction in abandoned garbage and graffiti on garbage containers with graffiti waste management will improve the appearance, safety, and cleanliness of Vancouver streets. Often, graffiti vandals access to your building begins on waste containers. Business owners have raised the alarm and Graffiti Removal Team is responding. Unlike most removal companies, Graffiti Removal Team formulates and uses their own bio-based removal products. Graffiti Removal Team specializes in graffiti removal and abatement programs. Your waste containers can be kept graffiti-free for as little as $2.00 a week thanks to the support of this special program.

Monthly contracts are also available for a low, fixed monthly cost that provides weekly inspections of your property, not just your waste containers, and remove graffiti, fly posters, and stickers on the spot.

Skytrain Railway Graffiti Removal

BC Transit has a Zero Tolerance policy towards graffiti. Their policy is to not allow any Skytrain to be in service with visible graffiti as this will only attract more graffiti.  Graffiti Removal Team’s first Skytrain Railway Graffiti Removal back in 2003. We are very proud of BC Transit’s Zero Tolerance policy.


Canadian Pacific Railway

CP Rail has a much more difficult graffiti problem to deal with. They have over 100,000 railway cars and locomotived spread out accross North America. Graffiti Removal Team proudly began working with CP Rail in 2002. Railway cars cannot be protected or inspected the way BC Transit can. CP Rail’s policy is to remove graffiti:
  • Where it impacts safety
  • Offensive, racist and sexist graffiti
  • Obscures railcar ID numbers

Property Management

Graffiti Costs Business Big Bucks

The annual cost of graffiti removal and property management to Lower Mainland communities and businesses is estimated at over 5 million dollars – and that’s before the costs of lost sales and lowered property values. In addition, buildings marked with graffiti often leave the impression of neglect which, in turn, may lead to increased vandalism in the area.

Removal Services are not all created equal

Everyone agrees that the best strategy is quick and effective removal. But it seems an impossible task. Graffiti “taggers” are persistent and the job, seemingly endless.

A whole new industry has grown to confront graffiti and offer options to owners. Be warned – not all businesses are equal. Many use harsh, toxic chemicals that have an adverse impact on the environment. In addition, not all technicians are properly educated in the proper procedures for handling the variety of property management demands– etching on glass, paint on heritage buildings, etc.

Property Management Team

The ultimate service team provides the training, skills and experience required to handle any and all situations. Flexible, tailored programs to suit individual needs, a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility and a variety of environmentally safe products to get the job done right, safely, and on time!

The Better Graffiti Getter

Graffiti Removal Team specializes in graffiti removal, Property Management and abatement programs and has developed a system that addresses many common concerns such as the toxicity of cleaning products, the overall cost of service and efficiency.

Our team of removal technicians are well trained and experienced in procedures for eliminating graffiti. In addition, our staff has the expertise to handle delicate property management operations including the cleaning of heritage buildings, older brick and mortar properties as well as scratches and acid etching on windows and other glass.

Graffiti Removal Team is committed to economic stewardship and uses only environmentally approved products developed by SuperStripper. Graffiti is removed, the environment is spared.

Our customers demand and receive the best in care, products and attention. As Vancouver’s premier service we value our customers and offer our 100% guarantee that your needs will be completely met and on schedule.

In addition, for our larger clientele, our expert technicians are available to conduct seminars for your internal custodial staff to help combat graffiti.


The Graffiti Removal Team Solution

  • Trained, expert technicians
  • On-time, every-time service
  • no toxic fumes, vapors, or by-products
  • Custom-tailored inspection programs
  • On-the-Spot removal of graffiti, fly posters & stickers
  • Digital Photo records for your review
  • Unlimited call responses
  • Leading experts in graffiti removal options
  • Colour Matching/Inventory per property, if requested
  • 100% environmentally certified SuperStripper Products
  • 100% guaranteed removal
  • Oil-stain removal from parkades
  • Hot-water pressure washing
  • Anti-Graffiti coating application
  • Anti-stick coating application
  • Glass etching/scratch removal
  • One-time call outs always welcome
  • Free estimates

Environmental Preservation and Protection

One of the unique characteristics with Graffiti Removal Team is our dedication to Environmental Preservation and Protection and occupational health and safety. These demanding principles are not easily overcome for a small company in a competitive marketplace. Our graffiti removal procedures take longer and products cost many times the price as traditional removal chemicals. Clients for the most part are looking for effective removal at the least expensive price. Graffiti Removal Team in turn makes financial sacrifices in order to provide services that sustain an ecologically safe and healthy environment.

None of the products used by Graffiti Removal Team contain any of the Toxic and Hazardous chemicals commonly used for graffiti removal.

Methylene Chloride
DCM Dichloromethane
Hydrochloric Acid
MEK Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Nonylphenol Ethoxylate

Graffiti Removal Weekly Inspection – RemoveAll Membership

Our “RemoveALL Membership” eliminates graffiti from our members property efficiently and effectively with graffiti removal weekly inspection so you don’t have to.

For a low fixed monthly price Graffiti Removal Team will patrol (Graffiti Removal Weekly Inspection) your property at least once a week and removal on the spot of all graffiti, fly posters and stickers. Digital pictures are provided on-line that can be viewed via internet at your own convenience. Invoices are sent either monthly or quarterly at your request along with detailed summary of your removals.

  • Patrol  your property every week
  • Remove all graffiti, fly posters, stickers
  • Provide digital photographs and detailed monthly billing
  • Conduct seminars for your internal custodial and maintenance staff to help combat graffiti
  • Unlimited call responses to graffiti
  • Free estimates and member discounts for painting and pressure washing services
  • Free estimates for vandalism repairs including glass etching and acid etching
  • Prompt and courteous service every time
  • Colour-match the paints for your property and maintain them in our inventory management system for your future requirements


3 Months Graffiti-Free* with the Purchase of Anti-Graffiti Coating.
When you coat your building with our All Natural Removable Wax Based Anti Graffiti Coating you receive 3 months free of  RemoveAll Membership graffiti maintenance program.

“Call Now for RemoveAll Membership” receive 25% off initial graffiti removal

Your membership also has a voice. We lobby all levels of Government to enforce punishment for graffiti and vandalism crimes; consult with Police Departments, local City Hall and Counsel, speak at community groups, and local schools to educate on the graffiti sub-culture and their damaging crimes. Encourage the use of environmentally and worker safe removal products.

Graffiti Removal Free Estimate

Graffiti Removal Team offers a graffiti removal free estimate for anywhere in Metro Vancouver. Fill out the Free Estimate form and let the Graffiti Removal Team inspect your property.

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